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Replacement Filter for RXHF-E17AM13

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The Whole-House Media Air cleaner was designed to fit any Rheem central heating system. This exact-fit design maximizes filtration allowing your Rheem total home comfort solution can make the air in your home cleaner and comfortable.

• Traps and Filters – Reduces major pollutants, such as dust and pollen, from the air passing through your heating and cooling systems.

• 4” Deep-Pleat Filters – With filters that perfectly fit the media cabinet, surface area i maximized allowing filters to last up to one year reducing replacement changes.

• Exact Fit System – Cabinets are an exact-fit system solution to your Rheem heating equipment providing quick installation by your HVAC professional.

17 inch Replacement Filter for RXHF-E17AM13

Installation Location: Filter Cabinet
Media Dimensions - Nominal Width (in.): 17-1/2
Media Dimensions - Nominal Length (in.): 21
Media Dimensions - Nominal Thickness (in.): 4-1/2
Media Dimensions - Actual Width (in.): 17-1/4
Media Dimensions - Actual Length (in.): 20-3/4
Media Dimensions - Actual Thickness (in.): 4-3/8
MERV Rating: 13
Rated Air Flow (CFM): 1400
Pressure Drop at 600 CFM (in. W.C.): 0.098
Pressure Drop at 800 CFM (in. W.C.): 0.145
Pressure Drop at 1000 CFM (in. W.C.): 0.203
Pressure Drop at 1200 CFM (in. W.C.): 0.273
Pressure Drop at 1400 CFM (in. W.C.): 0.347
Crossreference / Fits Models: RXHF-E17AM13

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